Rosenstein   Gartner Dentistry, PLLC | Preventative Program, Root Canals and Oral Cancer Screening

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Steven J. Rosenstein, DMD

Steven J. Rosenstein DMD

I attended Colgate University before continuing my education at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. After completing a General Practice Residency in The United States Public Health Service, I returned to Philadelphia to begin my private practice career. After 22 years, I decided to move to Florida and have practiced here since 1998.

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Judith L. Gartner, DMD, MMSc

Judith L. Gartner DMD MMSc

“My dedication to dental excellence began when I graduated from Dental School in Venezuela. But it didn’t end there. I discovered that one way to be a great dentist is to keep on learning. That’s why I decided to continue with my studies at a Postgraduate level in The United States of America, where I spent three years at Harvard University to become a Specialist, and an additional three years at Nova Southeastern University to obtain an American DMD degree in order to be able to practice in this country.”

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Sharon Sheero, DMD

Rosenstein   Gartner Dentistry, PLLC | Dental Fillings, Crowns  amp  Onlays and Oral Cancer Screening

Dr. Sharon Sheero, a dedicated cosmetic dentist with a fervent commitment to enhancing smiles through minimally invasive procedures, is a distinguished alumnus of Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine. Having earned a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree with honors. She is originally from Caracas, Venezuela and fluently speaks English, Spanish,and Hebrew.

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Cosmetic Dental Office in Aventura
Dental Office in Aventura
Cosmetic Dental Office in Aventura
Dentist in Aventura
Dental Office in Aventura
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Rosenstein   Gartner Dentistry, PLLC | Oral Exams, Implant Dentistry and Teeth Whitening
Rosenstein   Gartner Dentistry, PLLC | Teeth Whitening, Crowns  amp  Onlays and Voice Works
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