Judith L. Gartner DMD MMSc

Judith L. Gartner, DMD, MMSc

Judith L. Gartner DMD MMSc

“My dedication to dental excellence began when I graduated from Dental School in Venezuela. But it didn’t end there. I discovered that one way to be a great dentist is to keep on learning. That’s why I decided to continue with my studies at a Postgraduate level in The United States of America, where I spent three years at Harvard University to become a Specialist, and an additional three years at Nova Southeastern University to obtain an American DMD degree in order to be able to practice in this country.”

DDS/Odont: Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas

Certificate in Prosthodontics: Harvard University, Boston

Master of Medical Sciences in Oral Biology: Harvard University, Boston, MA

“I always look for ways to continue to improve my dentistry, and I stay at the forefront of dental technology and new procedures. I love to transmit my dental knowledge to the newer generations, and that’s why I have been involved in teaching for over 20 years.”

“My specialty deals with the restoration and replacement of teeth and adjacent structures, with the esthetic, functional and artistic areas of dentistry, and with giving back to a patient the desire to smile again, to be able to chew, speak and function normally. Ever since I decided to become a dentist, I’ve had as a goal to serve my patients, my colleagues and the community, giving them my best, and the best quality of work possible.”

Member: American Dental Association, Florida Dental Association, South Florida District Dental Association, American College of Prosthodontists.

“I always wanted to be a health care provider to be able to heal and to help people. I also love to paint and to create things with my hands. Dentistry is the only health field where I can combine my artistry and my love for the health sciences. My desire to combine these two fields motivated me to become a specialist in Prosthodontics, where I can make teeth that look like artwork and at the same time feel like natural teeth, enhancing people’s lives by giving them beautiful smiles.”

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Dental Office in Aventura
Cosmetic Dental Office in Aventura
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Dental Office in Aventura
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Rosenstein   Gartner Dentistry, PLLC | Teeth Whitening, Crowns  amp  Onlays and Voice Works
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