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Have you lost a tooth, but want a second chance at a full smile? The Aventura Dentists encourage you to consider replacing your missing tooth with a dental implant. We believe an implant is the next best thing to a healthy, natural tooth. Implants offer a better fit and feel than conventional dentures or dental bridges. They enable you to enjoy your favorite foods, protect the integrity of your remaining teeth and improve your oral health.

Why Our Team Recommends Dental Implants

Dental implants are unquestionably the best way to replace a missing tooth. They make it possible to eat, speak and smile with complete confidence. Implants are the only tooth replacement option that prevents the jawbone from wasting away and the facial structures from collapsing.

An implant replaces the entire tooth structure, from its root to its crown, without relying on the surrounding teeth for strength or support. A titanium post is surgically placed in the jawbone where it becomes part of the bone’s anatomy. Once the post has healed, it is mounted with a connector piece called an abutment. A beautiful artificial tooth that is customized to match the adjacent teeth is then attached to the abutment piece.

Implants are extremely lifelike in look and feel, and with the right care and attention, they can last a lifetime.

The Aventura Dentists have many years of experience with dental implants. Our team uses the latest technology and techniques to place great-fitting, fully functional implants that last a lifetime. We believe that implant dentistry should be tailored to the needs of the individual patient, and we will take the time to understand your unique needs and goals and educate you about your choices before recommending a course of treatment.

How Long is the Dental Implant Process?

The process of placing and restoring a dental implant takes three to six months, on average.

First, the implant post must be surgically placed in the jawbone. During this procedure, a small opening is created in the jawbone beneath the gap left by the missing tooth. The titanium post or screw is placed in the bone, and the bone grows around the post to form a stable base for the tooth replacement. This process is called osseointegration, and it usually takes three to four months. During this time, a temporary tooth replacement may be placed so the patient does not need to go without a tooth. The temporary tooth replacement also allows the gum tissue to grow around the post properly.

While the post is healing, a dental laboratory constructs the permanent artificial tooth. It is customized to match the natural teeth perfectly in shape, size and color.

Once the implant post has completely fused to the jawbone, the temporary tooth replacement is removed and the permanent tooth is attached to the top of the post. Any final adjustments can be made for fit or feel.

Dental implants can support a crown, anchor a dental bridge or affix to a denture appliance for the entire upper or lower arch of teeth, depending on how many teeth need to be replaced.

As long as the implant is brushed and flossed daily and checked by a dentist every six months to a year, it can last indefinitely.

Who is the right candidate for dental implants?

Dental implants in Aventura, FL are a great way to replace missing teeth or to help perfect your smile, but they are not suitable for everyone. At The Aventura Dentist we are here to help you see if you are a good candidate for dental implants. A good dental candidate should have the following:
• Healthy gums
• There should be enough bone to plant the implants in the jaw
• It is encouraged that a good candidate also commits to taking good care of the implanted teeth and surrounding gums.

Candidates that may not be suitable. They include:
• Young adults that have jawbones that have not stopped growing
• Pregnant women
• Individuals that are heavy smokers – Heavy smokers have a more difficult time healing in the mouth.
• Individuals that severely clench or grind their teeth. Aggressively grinding or clenching teeth can apply too much pressure on the implants and increase risk of implants failing.

Learn More about Dental Implants

For more information about replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant, call or email The Aventura Dentists today.

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